LACHON is an association for community health and outreach workers. Our mission is to support community health workers while advocating for improvements in community health.

Convening community health workers to share resources and offer peer support

Offering professional development opportunities

Increasing recognition for the community health worker profession locally, nationally and internationally

Monthly Meetings

History of LACHON

The Louisiana Community Health Outreach Network was established in 2010 by a group of community health workers and allies who wanted to create a space for community health workers to support one another and the profession. We have been hosting monthly community health worker meetings since then. Our accomplishments include holding an annual conference since 2013, presenting at national professional association meetings, conducting community-partnered participatory research, informing development of community health worker training curricula and standards, contributing to developing policy to support the workforce, and holding professional development seminars for community health workers.


LACHON has worked closely with our program and provided excellent training on PEP/PREP usage, HIV 101, strategies for making effective referrals, how to set professional boundaries while conducting outreach, both verbal and non-verbal communication and active listening.


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