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Membership in LACHON is open to anyone who works as a paid or volunteer community health workers, as well as any other professionals who support community health worker. Like most associations, LACHON asks members to invest in the organization. Membership dues for LACHON are $60 per year; the monthly plan allows members to pay over the course of the year - $5 per month. LACHON wants to make sure that everyone who wants to be a member can participate! 

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Q: What is the Louisiana Community Health Outreach Network (LACHON)?
A: LACHON is an association for community health and outreach workers.


Q: What exactly is a community health worker (CHW)?
A: CHWs have lots of different job titles! They are workers and volunteers who provide important services such community outreach and health education. They also help people get access to health and social services.


Q: Why should I join LACHON?
A: Being a CHW is challenging! LACHON makes your job easier by giving you a chance to meet other CHWs, get ongoing training, attend events, learn about community resources, and hear about job opportunities.

Q: Who can join LACHON?
A: Anyone who is a CHW or supports CHW work is welcome to join LACHON.

If an organization wants to discuss group rates, they should contact us at 

Why Join LACHON?

  • LACHON is a hub for information about job opportunities

  • We offer ongoing training opportunities and seminars

  • You can gain leadership experience by joining the board and/or committees

  • You can share information and learn about community events through our email 
    distribution list and monthly meetings

  • Monthly meetings allow you to talk with other CHWs about professional challenges and network to learn about resources for your clients


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