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Take a look at what we have coming up! Please reach out with any questions regarding upcoming events. 

LACHON Virtual Training

Louisiana Community Health Outreach Network and LSU Health Sciences offer a 40-hour virtual training for Organizations that are in need of having individuals trained as CHWs in the state of Louisiana. Virtual training allows us to reach regions in the state.


If you are interested or need more information, please contact Catherine G. Haywood at


LACHON Annual Conference 2024

Join us at LACHON's 12th Annual Conference on September 13th, 2024.

Screenshot 2023-09-09 at 9.55.38 PM.png



Lacon's monthly meetings have moved online due to COVID/social distancing.

Here's the link to the monthly zoom meetings:



LACHON is seeking employment for an administrative assistant. See below job description and application.

Please include a cover letter.

Send all applications to Catherine Haywood:

Administration Assistant Job Description

1. Schedule appointments

2. Schedule and coordinate meetings

3. Prepare communications: such as mail, invoices, reports, and other correspondence

4. Write and edit documents: letters, reports, and instructional documents

5. Create and maintain filing systems, both electronic and physical

6. Manage accounts and perform bookkeeping

7. Find grants to support LACHON

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