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Community Health Worker Core Competency Training Program Approval Process

In 2019, the Louisiana Legislature created the Louisiana Community Health Worker Workforce Study Committee (Committee) to provide the Louisiana Department of Health with recommendations on how best to support CHWs in Louisiana.  The Committee recommended creation of the Louisiana CHW Workforce Coalition to evaluate and recognize standardized CHW programs. 

Agencies that wish to have a community health worker (CHW) core competency training program recognized in Louisiana may submit an application for review by the Louisiana CHW Workforce Coalition. Training programs must focus on CHW core competencies as defined by the Community Health Worker Core Consensus project (  The Louisiana CHW Workforce Coalition does not currently review training programs related to specific health conditions (e.g., chronic disease, HIV) or specific job duties that CHW employers may require.  


The training program approval process has two components: 1) an application that must outline the proposed program structure, curriculum, location, training philosophy, and additional details and 2) an in-person or virtual site visit. Additional details on submission requirements are below. Every effort will be made to complete the review process within 90 days of submission of the application. Initial program review will begin in late 2021. 


  • Confidentiality statement: The Louisiana CHW Workforce Coalition and its committee of reviewers agree to keep all information including educational materials, lesson plans, research, and graphic design in strict confidence.  Information submitted for review will not be duplicated or distributed.


  • Download more information and the application below.

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